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Cut Knife Welcome Sign

Original Sign Granite Sign

Cut Knife Welcome Sign - circa mid-1980s

Cut Knife Welcome Sign - 2009

The following is an excerpt from the September 2, 2009 edition of the Cut Knife Highway 40 Courier written by L. Gibson.

"Cut Knife has a new sign welcoming residents and visitors who travel along Highway 40. The old wooden sign installed in the mid-80s, had outlived its lifetime with the wood subject to weathering from the elements. In order to fix the old sign, it would have had to have been re-built completely, so the town decided to look for a new, longer-term solution.

The new granite sign designed, manufactured and installed by our own Rose city Memorials Ltd. is a beautiful upgrade to our welcome. The granite used for the sign is Stanstead Grey coming from a granite quarry in Stanstead, Quebec . . . The 90 inch long, 60 inch high sign greeting visitors from the east and west weighs 3012 lbs. with 1 inch pinning holding it in place."

Preparation and Sandblasting

Preparation Outdoors

With rubber on and the first pieces pulled.

This granite was too large to be sandblasted inside so the equipment was set up outdoors.

Sandblasting Complete Highlighting Complete

Sandblasting Complete

Highlighting Complete


Site Preparation Positioning

Site Preparation

The granite is lifted into position.

Supporting Pieces Installed Side Supports Installed

Base Supports Installed

Side Supports Installed

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