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Rose City Memorials Ltd. prides itself on the quality of granite used, our competitive pricing and our superior installations and after-sales service. Our ability to produce the finest memorials can be seen throughout the cemeteries in your area.

Every monument or marker is guaranteed to be of permanent excellence in every aspect. Your satisfaction is fully assured by both our long record of integrity and our family pride.

The majority of our granite is quarried in Quebec, Canada with some stones imported from China and India through our major suppliers. Rose City Memorials stocks RCM Black, RCM Tweed Black and RCM Rose granite that carries a Certificate of Guarantee.

  • All monument measurements are given in inches. Length x Width x Height.
  • All Pillows and Upright Monuments have the appropriate gray granite base size.
  • Prices vary depending upon the size of the monument, its finish, the colour of the granite, the number of polished sides and whether or not the design has been sandblasted or etched.

The following slideshow is just a sampling of the monument styles we have available. For a full selection, including Angels, Wing sets, Gravecovers and DVAs (Veterans' monuments provided by the Department of Veteran's Affairs), please visit one of our Showrooms or speak with a Memorial Counsellor for more information.


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Bronze Markers

Our Bronze Markers are ordered through Ornamental Bronze Ltd. in Richmond, BC. They have a wide selection of designs and monument sizes from which to choose. To visit their Gallery, please click here. To order a bronze marker, please speak with one of our Memorial Counsellors.

Bronze Marker


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