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On-site Added Inscriptions

In the past, in order to complete an added inscription, Rose City Memorials would have to pick up the monument from the cemetery and return with it to our Cut Knife Plant where we would do the lettering, the sandblasting and the highlighting. It would then be returned to the cemetery on our next trip to that area.

However, since 2010, we have had a fully equipped trailer to take on location with us. Our trailer carries a compresser, a portable sandpot, drop-cloths and all the other necessary tools and equipment to finish the job on-site. We bring along pre-cut rubber stencils whose lettering has already been matched to the existing font on the monument. This set-up allows us to complete added inscriptions within a much shorter turn-around time.

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Monument Restorations

Over time, as monuments are exposed to the weather, their condition may begin to deteriorate. A simple cleaning, as described here, may be all that's needed to restore your granite memorial to its former beauty. In other cases, where re-highlighting or a serious cleaning is required, Rose City Memorials will remove the monument from the cemetery; take it to our Production Plant in Cut Knife, SK; do the necessary work and, then, return it to the cemetery.

If your monument has settled with time and needs to be re-levelled, Rose City Memorials is equipped to do that for you, as well. If we installed the monument, our Perpetual Care Guarantee will see to it that the memorial is re-levelled without charge. All it takes is a call from the family for us to schedule it into our next trip to that area. Granite gravecovers can also be re-levelled, as can concrete ones, but only if they are without cracks.


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Cemetery Clean-ups


Many older cemeteries that have become neglected as area residents age or move away are experiencing a revival as a younger generation takes over their care. Rose City Memorials has assisted a number of Cemetery Committees in Saskatchewan and Alberta with their efforts to clean-up their local graveyards.

We have removed old fibreglass gravecovers; re-levelled tilted monuments; replaced damaged foundations; added seating; created memorials to mark centennials, to honour founding fathers and to recognize fundraising efforts as well as supplied granite markers for unmarked graves.

Our grey pillows, at 1-4 x 0-8 x 4/2, are ideal for cemetery restorations. They are large enough for the name and dates to fit comfortably, yet small enough to be economical in larger numbers. Originally, we used flat markers sloped in cement for restorations. However, we have recently switched to a pillow-shaped marker that can be set on top of the foundation. This means we are no longer dependent on the weather to pour cement and it also eliminates the time required for the cement to set. Both of these reasons mean the turn-around time, from order to installation, is much quicker.

For more information or to obtain a quote, please visit one of our Showrooms or speak with a Memorial Counsellor.


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